Monday, 15 August 2016

Canal heaven

We awoke, groggy after 5 hours sleep, in the delightful sunny backwater which might be peaceful if not for the 6 lanes of motorway bridge and railway bridge nearby. We had breakfast and tried to pay. No said the harbour master. Don't worry we'll see you again.

We motored to the next massive bridge close to Schiphol airport, which only opens at 0530 and 1230. They closed the A9 motorway just for us this lunchtime, so we could motor under its giant bridge shadow trying not to dwell on the tonnes of metal propped high above us.

Through the twelve mile journey we saw countless lovely neat Dutch houses, many with their own private mooring on the canal. Cue fantasies about keeping Sirena moored by the front lawn. 

The sun was hot and white clouds moved across deep blue skies. Happy people cycled by the canals, children played in gardens, Dutch barges passed us. It was a glorious stereotype of everything you expect to see in the Netherlands. It made us smile.

There were more bridges which we dealt with easily by following a huge barge which got every bridge opened promptly. 

Near the airport we had the most shocking sight of the day. An Emirates jumbo coming in to land passed just 200 feet over our heads. You could see every rivet. 

The canal finally broadened into Braasememere lake and we tied up at a friendly small marina near some German boats. Now we can catch up on sleep and maybe dream of a little Dutch paradise.

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