Thursday, 25 August 2016

Middelburg top temp

Phew wot a scorch as a newspaper once said. 32C with almost no wind. We are very comfortably berthed in Middelburg for a couple of days. We are better prepared for the heat, finally finding a use for a plastic tarpaulin that we've been carrying for years, rigged up as a shade for the cockpit. With all hatches open and towels blocking the direct sun, life had been on the pleasant side of bearable.

But enough of the constant complaining about the weather, I hear you say, what of the town. We are moored in an old harbour right by the town centre (pics), which has been a common and very handy feature of Dutch towns and cities. Here we are literally a 5-rung metal ladder and 15 metres from the yacht club with facilities and excellent cafe /restaurant. I know we mention facilities a lot, and that's because a good toilet and shower becomes very important - nuff said. 

But the town I hear you cry ... we were expecting something small, pretty and sleepy rather like Willemstad but it is big and buzzing and more like Gouda or Dordrecht. Our outing this morning was only as far as the Thu market to buy fish and veg, with a stop for a Fanta and another for coffee and iced water. We failed to find the tourist office because the map lied about its location and to be honest we were a bit late up after yesterday's efforts. The afternoon was spent sheltering from the sun on the boat or in the yacht club.  So more about Middelburg tomorrow. 

We are now looking ahead at the weather, you cannot really expect any more than a week for predictions, and it looks remarkably settled ... which may go down in the annals of famous last words ... and we are planning our route home via Belgium and France.

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