Friday, 12 August 2016

Friday wash day

Today was wash day in more ways than one. We camped out by the marina washing machines to seize the one moment when no one else was stuffing vast piles of dirty clothes into the machines. The marina is massive with hundreds of people staying,   and has sadly underestimated the need for loos showers and washing machines. 

Queues of grim faced sailors wait outside the 8 shower cubicles and 4 loos per gender. Anyway the washing is done and dried.

The other wash is from vessels on the main waterway beyond the marina. Suddenly we rock and sway as a 100 foot barge powers past.

We saw more of the giant vessels that ply these waters at dinner tonight.  We sat outside in bright sun at an Italian restaurant next to the water,  as a succession of lumping great tankers and barges powered past.  There were many yachts too, all rushing past at top speed of 8 or 9 knots. Everyone drives fast in Holland. The food was good but the view was better. 

After dinner we saw the latest (glorious) Woody Allen film at the giant cinema institute called the Eye. And then we hopped on two free ferries to bring us back to the marina through a beautiful dusk, watching the navigation lights of great barges gleam like stars.

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