Monday, 1 August 2016

Packing & vittling

Can it really be that we're leaving the day after tomorrow.  I don't think it will seem real until we exit the lock at Gillingham Marina - there is so much land stuff going on, the house is upside down with projects, there's work stuff and family.  Will we really cut loose?  I suppose the lure of technology is that don't have to, entirely, although experience suggests that getting online can be a flakey business, and it ain't gonna happen in the middle of the southern North Sea.

We've been to the boat today, doing some last checks.  She's ready - far better prepared than we are in fact.  Now Lesley is frantically packing, as she is away working all day tomorrow in Oxford.  Meanwhile I shouldn't be writing this because I have tons of marketing to do for my new book, and many other 'tomorrow tasks' where I have run out of tomorrows ... but I have to think of posterity - these blogs don't write themselves you know (one day, one day). Still, I do have one more tomorrow ... which includes going to Sainsburys for a huge shop that will settle SIRENA IV an inch lower in the water.

Oh yes, and finish the back-up passage plan onto paper charts to go via Ramsgate & Dunkerque Est, in case PassageWeather suggests the North Sea is going to be too bumpy for the two of us to do a 30 hour crossing.

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